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Fundraising materials for the TAC

The Treatment Action Campaign has been fighting for the rights of HIV positive people since 1998. They educated and mobilised thousands of people living with HIV to demand treatment. They’ve achieved astounding victories, won a constitutional court case that forced government to provide treatment to HIV positive pregnant women in 2002. They fought pharmaceutical companies to bring down the cost of ARVs; challenged stigma and showed that you can live a full and active life with HIV.

The TAC also helped develop both the old and the new National Strategic Plans for HIV, STIs and TB. Now, after more than a decade of hard work, the future looks a bit brighter for people affected by HIV. To read more about the history of the TAC, read their inspiring book, Fighting for our Lives.

In 2009 the international community cut back on funding pledged to the Global fund. It had a big impact on ARV programmes throughout Africa and also on the TAC. The TAC’s work is far from over. There is still much work to be done in educating communities about HIV. The government’s implementation of the National Strategic Plan needs to be monitored. Continue Reading →

June 29, 2012
Fundraising materials for the TAC

Merylle Cornelson, design-entrepreneur

Merylle Cornelson is a longtime friend and colleague of Design for development. She established Kallid Creative Identity, her very own company brand, after working for many years at Dotted Line Design.

What sets Merylle apart is her strong focus on business and networking. She won the WECBOF Business Person of the year, young entrepreneur category in 2010. This she used as a stepping stone to learn more about business and entrepreneurship. Merylle now mentors other small business startups to share her knowledge.

Design for development had the pleasure and privilege of sharing offices with her for a few years and can testify to her positive and creative spirit. We asked her a few questions about life, design and the universe she inhabits.

Kallid creative agency

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June 19, 2012

Equal Treatment – Fix the patent laws

Design for development

The latest edition of Equal Treatment is on patents, South African patent laws and how it affect the cost of medicines. There is an easy guide explaining what medicine patents are, and how they work. It also explains how our outdated patent laws in South Africa should change to allow continued access to affordable, essential medicines like antiretrovirals or cancer drugs.

We were very happy to hear that we won the tender to design and print Equal Treatment for the next two years! Working on Equal Treatment has been an amazing and rewarding experience. We feel very lucky to work with such a great editorial team and organisation. Thank you! Continue Reading →

March 20, 2012


Morag of Skinscapes is more a friend than a colleague to Design for Development. We all admire her creativity and beautiful work. When we gave her our usual questions we give to people she said she could not answer them but would like to tell her story. It is longer than our usual pieces but its worth a read. Thank you Morag. This is what she said:

I admire the work of Kentridge, Faith 47 and Guy Tillim, Michael Bloch, Jinx and Sika. My inspirations are as nebulous and wide ranging as patterns on the beach sand and 19th century botanical etchings. I have made things with my hands as long as I can remember, when I’m not working I’m outdoors, soaking up the elements.

When I was young I wanted for a time to be a book illustrator, but life unfurled about me and I stumbled into being a sculptor for many years. In London one frozen winter I shared studio space with a leathersmith. He bought a tattoo machine to embellish the leather and that got me thinking…


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February 14, 2012

Emily Booth’s BreathEasy project

Design for development visited the CPUT Faculty of Informatics and Design Exhibition: GENERATING DESIGN 2011 last Friday. We had the privilege of hosting Emily Booth, fourth year graphic design student, for her two week internship earlier this year. It was a pleasure working with her, learning about her project and giving advice along the way. So we were very excited to go and see the completed project.

The fourth year students get to choose one project that they work on for the whole year. Emily chose to create material for the BreathEasy programme who support families with children who have tracheostomies. She has been closely involved with the BreathEasy Foundation as it was her mother who helped established it. It has clearly been a labour of love.

BreathEasy project


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December 8, 2011