Agricultural investment, gender and land in Africa

Conference materials for AIGLIA

Branding, publication design:
Design for development

Copy editing and proofreading:
Liz Sparg

 AIGLIA was a conference co-hosted by PLAAS. The conference was of major importance: PLAAS and their partners sought to highlight the gendered impacts of large-scale agricultural commercialisation for policymakers all over the region.

PLAAS co-hosted a multi-stakeholder conference on Agricultural Investment, Gender and Land in Africa (AIGLIA) in 2014. Design for development was asked to brand the Conference in a way that spoke to the various stakeholders from around the African continent.

The branding included pull-up banners, nametags and conference bags, social media posts and digital banners, pens and USB’s. Once the Conference came to completion, we used the Conference photographs and designed a report on the AIGLIA conference using the same look and feel as the branding.


“D4D is always up to date with cutting edge design and has a clean style that really works for me. They are excellent at developing a complete brand for an organisation and still finding creativity within that. They also always run on schedule if you reciprocate by doing your bit on time.”  Rebecca Pointer of PLAAS