Raising healthy children

Website design for Dept. of Health (SA)

Graphic & website design:
Design for development

Website development:

User experience:
Chad Botha

Copy writing:
Liz Sparg

Having a new baby is an exciting time in a mother’s life. This website was created from the Road to Health printed booklet that is given to parents when a baby is born. The Road to Health booklet and website are an initiative of the South African Department of Health.

This website provides new mothers/childcare providers with useful information from the Road to Health booklet, including information about immunisations, nutrition, your baby’s development, and danger signs as per our country guidelines and World Health Organisation guidelines. You can also register to receive handy reminders by email so that you do not forget your child’s important clinic visits.

We designed the Road to Health website and had Sidelick Studios help us to develop the website to get it working perfectly, as per the request of the client.