A guide for survivors of GBV

Publication design for TAC

Publication design:
Design for development

Sydelle Willow-Smith

This book is a useful guide for survivors of Gender based violence (GBV) and activists. We had to carefully consider the portrayal of women in this book. Should we show women directly affected by GBV? Should we protect the identities of survivors and use models instead? If we show survivor’s faces, will this put them at risk in their communities?

Because of the sensitivity of the issue and the possible safety risk, we wanted to hire models for the photo shoot. After consulting with project coordinator, Catherine Thomlinson at Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), we also sent out a call for volunteers to TAC members. Within two weeks, 8 women volunteered to be photographed and featured in the book: some were survivors. They wanted to be seen. We gave them the choice of where they wanted to be photographed giving them the opportunity to tell their own stories through the photographs.