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Website design for WWF-South Africa

Graphic design:
Design for development

User experience:
Chad Botha

The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. The WWF South Africa approached us to design a range of page templates for their website to showcase their work.

WWF South Africa does a lot of work in a wide variety of sectors: from wildlife to food production and climate change. The challenge was to structure and communicate this without overloading the viewer with too much information, give clear call-to-actions and provide more in-depth information when needed. Another challenge was to design page templates that works well with WWF’s internal content management system which allows WWF staff to upload their own content.

User experience principles and user testing informed the design process throughout, making sure that we never lost sight of our users’ needs. This resulted in a user friendly website, that works well across multiple devices.

Have a look, and be inspired by the amazing work they do:

Thank you to the WWF communications department, and to Chad Botha, our User Experience architect, for a successful collaboration.