It was important to highlight accountability. Each chapter starts with the names and faces of the individuals involved, and a short timeline of events.

We created detailed timelines to help the committee get an overview of the events running up to and including certain deals.

ESKOM Inquiry

Reference book on state capture

Graphic design and project management:
Design for development

We had the pleasure of working with the UCT Graduate School of Business to design a reference book for the Parliamentary Committee investigating state capture in ESKOM – known as the ESKOM inquiry.

The intro reads: ‘The authors of this reference book have set out to provide an independent, accessible, concise, and fact-based account of some, but not all, of the alleged instances of governance failure and capture at the largest SOC – Eskom.’

Our task was to design the booklet to be as clear and accessible as possible, including detailed timelines to visualise the scale and timing of different events.

Download the full pdf here.