A guide book for teachers and rulers and badges for learners. A range of fun, illustrated characters were created and used in the materials.

A huge A1 poster was created to use in classrooms. This would help learners keep score of their progress on tasks from the guide book.

Fun, interactive cards were included in the guide for use by the learners.


A water-wise adventure

Strategy, Graphic design and Project management:
Design for development

Copy writing and Course creation:
Liz Sparg

Ruschka du Toit

Water is a scarce resource in South Africa and this campaign is designed to take Grade 6 and 7 learners, at various schools in Cape Town, on a water-wise adventure.

The journey is designed to create awareness about water sources and teaches three fundamental principles of good science: observe, measure and communicate.
Through the journey, learners will learn about our sources of water, threats to those sources, and ideas on how to better protect and manage it. Fun, illustrative characters communicate with learners in an relatable and exciting manner and act as role models.

This project was commissioned by WWF South Africa, and sponsored by Sanlam. The plan is to create lessons that the teachers can use as part of their curriculum and assessment of learners. The system has potential to be rolled out to a wide group of schools and eventually a wider digital audience.