An icon was developed for each contraceptive method.

Colour coded sections make the guide easy to navigate.

Illustrations support the step by step instructions on how to use or administer different contraception methods. The illustrations are accurate but dynamic, boldly coloured and convey a sense of confidence.

A screen-friendly version, with trimmed margins, for better viewing on mobile devices.

A set of client-facing posters using illustrations of women from different contexts.

The Flipbook is a tool for nurses to use while in consultation with a clients. It is designed to help women choose the right contraception method for themselves.

Contraception guidelines for MSF

A publication to increase access and uphold autonomy

Graphic and publication design, art direction:
Design for development

Katerina Sonntagova (instructional illustrations) and Phathu Nembilwi (context illustrations)

We were delighted when Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) approached us to design their International Guidelines on Contraception.

The design brief was to create a publication that is appealing to young women in the parts of the word where MSF has missions: with a particular focus on Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East. They wanted to steer clear of a stereotypical text-book feel, and rather aim for a fresh, youthful and empowering design. It also had to be clear, easy to read, and help the reader find information quickly.

The Guidelines are mostly used by healthcare workers, but a range of client facing materials was also needed. The design approach therefor had to be flexible enough to serve both audiences.

The design relies on a fresh, bold and vibrant colour palette. With an icon for each contraceptive method, and chapters colour coded accordingly. The guidelines include detailed instructions on how to use and administer the different contraception methods – detailed illustrations help explain these technical parts of the text, guiding the reader step-by-step. To create a sense of context, illustrations of vibrant groups of women from each area is included. Flow diagrams guides the reader through complicated decision-making processes.

Apart from the main guideline document, a range of supporting elements were created:

– a Flipbook for nurses to use while in consultation with clients to explain the pros and cons of each method.

– a Quick reference guide and a set of information posters to use in clinics with key information.

– Posters to make clients aware that Contraceptive Services are available in their clinic.

The Flipbook and Posters were converted to Powerpoint format so that MSF staff can further adapt and translate the material to fit their specific setting.

The guideline document were translated and are available in Spanish, French and Arabic to ensure it is accessible in all corners of the world.

Thank you to the team at MSF for the wonderful opportunity to work on this project.