A range of different cards were illustrated showing a range of vegetables and seafood commonly consumed locally.

Each card shows the value at which each item can be sold, and the cost of producing or harvesting it.

Food as a Commons

A card game for small-scale farmers and fisherfolk

Creative direction and production:
Design for development

Illustration and design:
Katerina Sonntagova

We designed a deck of cards for a cooperative game called ‘Food as a Commons’: developed by a team of researchers as part of a project on food justice in South Africa during the Covid 19 pandemic. The game is used as an educational and knowledge sharing tool for small-scale farmers and fisherfolk.

The game is played by two to five players. They play in a team, rather than against one another, with the purpose of bringing their products to market for customers. Usually, it is played as part of a workshop and while it is fun, it also inspires players to reflect on food as a commons rather than just a commodity.

The game was created by a game designer, and our task was to design fun, colourfull illustrative cards and packaging.

The project was conducted by Cape Town Urban Research Farmers, Weskusmandjie St. Helena Bay, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Cape Town, SOLIDARIDAD Southern Africa, INKOTA Netwerk e.V. and the Centre for Rural Development (SLE) at Humboldt-University.